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How to make suggestions

We make suggestions when deciding what to do with our friends, or giving them advice on what they might do in a certain situation. Which suggestions would you make if you were asked where should we go on our night out?
Here are some of the most common suggestions in English.
Night out
  • We could go for a curry.
  • I have always fancied going to that new nightclub in town, shall we go there?
  • I think we should go down to the local pub.
  • Peter is having a party are you up for going there before we go into town?
Tourist attractions
Should + bare infinitive
  • You should go on the London Eye.
  • You should walk along the river Thames its lovely in the summer months.
  • You should go to the Victoria and Albert museum while you’re in London.
How about+ verb + ing.
  • How about going for a stroll along the river Thames?
  • How about watching a musical in the East End?
  • I am going to Westminster Abbey, how about coming with me?
Why don't
  • Why don’t you come to see the Phantom of the Opera with me? I have a spare ticket.
  • Why don't we go to see a film tonight?
  • Why don’t you bring your brother to the nightclub on Friday?
  • Could we visit Soho as I would love to get a naughty gift for my sister.
  • Could you meet me on Oxford Street after work, so we can go to a restaurant?
  • You could take a taxi or the number 7 bus to get to Piccadilly Street.
  • Lets all meet up for a drink before going to the nightclub.
  • Let's go to the travel agent's this afternoon to book our ticket.
  • Lets all have starters before our main courses.
  • What about asking your brother for help?
  • Shall we get married at the big church in Nottingham?
  • How about going to Vietnam for your vacation?
  • I suggest we take all the factors into consideration before we decide.
  • Shall we spend 6 months in Vietnam, or 3 months in Cambodia, then 3 months in Vietnam?
  • Should I email the supplier and ask them to deliver it on Saturday?
Differing the decision to another person
You can put the decision or suggestion back on to the other person. Even if you want to do something but really don’t want to say what it is. Incase the other person does not like your suggestion.
  • I am easy.
  • I don’t mind what do you suggest?
  • It’s up to you.
  • You decide.
  • I would rather you decide.
Responding to suggestions
Sometimes people make bad suggestions, and it’s really hard to say that you don’t like their suggestion.
  • Would you mind if we stay home?
  • I have to be up early tomorrow so can we make it an early night?
  • I am a little tired.
  • I am not feeling very well.
Some times these excuses work and sometimes the other person knows you do not want to do what they have suggested so it may be better to suggest something else.
  • I went there last week, how about we go to the Castle Inn instead?
  • I have seen Avatar before Can we go to see Gravity instead?
  • I don’t like the food they server there. Can we go to the Thai place instead?
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