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Tips to improve your writing 

How to improve writing.
The first way to improve your formal academic and formal business writing is not to use contractions such as don’t, can’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t, isn’t, haven’t, hasn’t, aren’t.  It is better to write out the word in in full, so instead use:
  • Don’t; Do not (two words)
  • Can’t; cannot (one word)
  • Shouldn’t; should not
  • Couldn’t; could not
  • Wouldn’t; would not 
  • Isn’t; it is not
  • Haven’t; have not
  • Hasn’t; has not
  • Aren’t; are not

Avoid there is or there are.

We avoid there is and there are, because when we write we want to state our ideas clear and concise meaning we do not want these long sentences, we want our sentences to be the point. 
  • There are many issues that businesses face today.
That is ok sentence but if I wanted to write a better sentence that is right for academic writing you should change  
  • Businesses face many issues today.
  • There are many development projects that the British government supports.
  • The British government supports many development projects.
There are added extra words that are just not needed and your sentences will become stronger and to the point if you can cut them out.
Avoid really, very, a lot and so. 
Avoid really, very, a lot and so in your writing as they make your writing weak if you use them. 
  • Many students think university is very hard.
  • Many students think university is difficult.
  • Many cars drive very fast.
  • Many cars drive fast.
  • There are a lot of products in the store.
  • The store has many products.
  • The debate was really controversial.
  • The debate was controversial.
  • A lot of time is wasted because of procrastination
  • Much time is wasted because of procrastination.

Passive voice vs Active voice.

If you are in the sciences you use the passive voice however if you are studying humanity, environment, history, biology, do not use passive voice, use the active voice.
  • Healthcare reforms were implemented by Obama.(passive voice)
  • Obama implemented healthcare reforms.(active voice)
  • The war was won by the French.
  • The French won the war.
When you write academic use strong verb, not use weak verb.
Weak verb:
  • He gave assistance to my friend.
  • He made an objection.
  • He conducted an investigation.
  • He did an audit.
Strong verb:
  • He assisted my friend.
  • He objected.
  • He investigated.
  • He audited.
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