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This lesson is especially good if you are planning on taking the IELTS or other similar tests because they often have questions that have are relevant to technology on those types of tests.
So you may get an essay question asking:
  • How has technology improved our lives?
  • Think of a technology that you could not live without.
For these tests vocabulary plays a very important role in your mark therefore you really want to score high on vocabulary and some of these words will help you get the score you are looking for.
Its good to remember that technology is a noun, and in general it is uncountable noun and technological is the adjective form of the technology.
What is technology? It is very general term which encompasses many things. Often times, technology refers to tools, machines, information and systems which make tasks or jobs easier which can improve our lives, therefore technology is a very board subject.
  • The technology has made our lives better.
You will notice this is wrong sentence this type of wrong sentence is one of the most common mistakes that students make.
  • Technology has made our lives better.
The reason is because technology is uncountable and this is a general technology. We are not talking about specific type of technology so you do not need the.
When you write your essays do not write the technology unless the sentence is talking about a specific technology.
  • I saw a lecture on the technology of the computer chip manufacture.

A quick guide

If you are just saying technology and the next thing is a verb, do not use the.
If you are saying technology of something, use the.
Positive words
Technophile, What is technophile? Anytime you see phile it means love, like cinephile is someone who loves films. -phile is a key part of this word in technophile therefore technophile is a noun as it is a person who loves technology.
Negative words
Technophobe is opposite of a technophile so just like phile it means love, phobe adds a very important meaning to this word. Phobe means phobia which stems from the Greek phobos which it means a fear of something. Therefore if you are a technophobe you have a fear of technology.
Tech-savvy is adjective.
What is tech-savvy? Someone who knows a lot about computers or technology.
  • He is tech-savvy.

Different types of technology

When you buy a piece of equipment or some form of technology.
Positive words
Cutting-edge: This can be either a noun or an adjective as it means it is a leader and is in the forefront of that particular technology. 
  • I hear in Honda have developed robotic humanoids that can run, walk and serve you coffee.
  • It is true see for yourself. We would say that is definitely cutting-edge robotic technology .
State- of- the- art is an adjective and has a very similar meaning to cutting-edge but it means the most recent and the best. 
  • I think Samsung Galaxy 5 has come out and I would say this is state- of- the- art technology.
  • Maybe in a few years there will be the Samsung Galaxy 9 or 10 and things will be different but right now the Samsung Galaxy 5 is the state-of- the- art technology.
The latest is an adjective to describe technology It just means the newest.
  • Have you bought the latest Android phone?
Compact is an adjective which means small and easy to carry.
  • I have just bought a compact phone it fits in my pocket and it is not clumsy or bulky.
Bulky is the opposite of compact and is an adjective. When something very big it is kind of clumsy to carry and will not fit in your pocket.
User-friendly is an adjective which means it is easy to use so even someone like a technophobe may like to use it.
  • Facebook is very user friendly.
Negative words
Obsolete is an adjective which it means no longer used.
  • I have a huge collection of VHS tapes at my house even though we now use DVDs, so VHSs are obsolete because they are no longer used.
Outdated is an adjective which means very old and is synonym of obsolete.
What is outdated?

If people rode in horse carriages to go to work today they would be thought of using an outdated mode of transportation technology.
Glitch is a noun and it means a defect, a problem or error. Often we talk about glitches when we are talking about computers.
Glitch – glitches.
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