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Action Verbs

Identifying an action verb is really pretty easy.
Walk! Run! Cough! Drink!
All of these words show some kind of action. They express something that a person, animal, or object can do. That’s why we call them action verbs.

Examples of action verbs

  • Richard talks all the time. 

Talking is something Richard can do.

  • Because it was starting to rain outside.

Peter reached for his umbrella. Reaching a something Peter can do–especially if he doesn’t want to get wet.

  • Patricia watched the pretty birds building a nest. 

Watching is something that Patricia can do.

  • Peter rides his bicycle everywhere. 

Riding is something that Peter can do.

Action verbs describing skills
Your skills can be categorized into three groups: how you interact with people, things, and ideas. 
  • Accomplished, activated, administered, advised, affected, arranged, assembled, assisted, cataloged, collaborated, conducted, coordinated, directed, explained, managed, motivated, organized, programmed, promoted, stimulated, supervised, taught.
  • Built, calculated, changed, compiled, completed, constructed, created, evaluated, examined, expanded, facilitated, familiarized, formulated, improved, invented, prepared, programmed, revised, specified, used.
  • Adapted, analyzed, coordinated, defined, devised, established, explained, illustrated, investigated, modified, proposed, wrote.

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