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Present Continuous

I am doing
It is used to express a continued or ongoing action at present time. It expresses an action, which is in progress at the time of speaking.
  • I am reading a magazine.
  • You are playing football.
  • He is eating fish.
  • She's going on holiday.
  • It's starting to rain.
  • We are having a bath together.
  • They're starting their meal.
I am doing something means I'm in the middle of doing it or I've started doing it and I haven't finished.
  • I am playing cricket.
  • The children are sleeping.
  • He’s reading English.
  • They are talking about weather.
We use the present continuous tense to talk about the future.
  • Charlie is going to a new job next month.
  • What are you doing next weekend?
  • I am going on holiday soon.
  • We are starting a new class next week.


  • I am not playing cricket.
  • He is not driving a car
  • They are not reading their books.
  • She is not eating pork.
  • We are not going in the correct direction.


  • Am I playing piano next week?
  • Are you coming out to the nightclub?
  • Is she going to leave her boyfriend?
  • Is he leaving the army this year?
  • Are we buying the house we saw on Friday?
  • Are they learning English next month?


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