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Future Perfect continuous

I will have been doing 
We use the future perfect continuous tense to talk about a long action before some point in the future.
This form is composed of two elements: the future perfect of the verb to be (will have been) + the present participle of the main verb (base+ing):
  • You will have been sitting in the sun for too long.
  • I will have been working on your project all day.
  • She will have been up all night working.
  • He will have not been sleeping because of the noise.
  • I will have been driving to work, if I could get the car started today.
  • He will have been putting all the rubbish in the wrong dustbin again.
  • She will have been eating all my food if I have let her.


  • I will not have been going on holiday next week, if the airline had not called.
  • We will not have been making so much money next month.
  • She will not have been showing anyone the photos next week.


  • What will you be doing after you have been dancing? 
  • Will he have been driving all night?
  • Why will you have been drinking?
  • How long will they have been traveling?
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