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Future perfect

I will have done
We use will have done to say that something will already be complete before a time in the future.


  • She won't pregnant in August  - she'll have given birth by then.
  • We're running late. The movie will already have started by the time we get home.
  • Next year on the 15th of October I will have been in England for 15 years.


  • I will not have done my homework by Friday
  • She will not have eaten all her chocolate by her birthday.
  • They will not have presented her with the award by next month.


  • Will you have finished plucking the chickens by time I arrive?
  • Will they have painted the house by the time we move in? 
The future perfect is composed of two elements: the simple future of the verb to have (will have) + the past participle of the main verb:
  • We will have been married for six years on June 23rd.
  • By the time you get this I'll have left.
  • You will have finished all your exams by this time next month.
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