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Future continuous 

I will be doing
The positive (will + be + verb-ing)
English speakers use it a lot.
The future continuous tense expresses action at a particular moment in the future. The action will start before that moment but it will not have finished at that moment.


  • It will be changing.
  • He will be sleeping.
  • We will be getting the money.
  • They will be driving
  • I will be paying the bill at 10am tomorrow.
  • Come in quietly tonight,I will be sleeping when you return.
  • I will not be playng with you next week.
  • She will not be attending the class tomorrow.
  • He won't be giving you your presents next birthday. 
  • They will not be finishing the game tonight.


Events in progress in the future:
  • When you are in Tokyo will you be staying with your brother?
  • Will you be working on the farm this time next month?
  • I will be sitting my exams at four thirty tomorrow can you wait for me?.
Events/actions in normal course of events:
  • I'll be going shopping later today, is there anything you need from the shops?
  • Will you be taking the bus tomorrow? No, I will drive to work.
  • I'll be seeing Fred this evening, can I give him the cakes you have baked?.
Asking for information:
  • Will you be bringing your sister to the restaurant tonight?
  • Will David be eating with us?

Predicting or guessing

  • You'll be feeling sleepy tomorrow if you stay up late.
  • I expect he'll be coming to our house after work.
  • You'll be missing the your children while they are school.
  • This time next week I'll be in Italy. I'll be visiting the leaning tower of Pisa.
  • You have no chance of winning the lottery. You'll be wasting your money.
  • Don't phone before 9am tomorrow. We'll be sleeping late.
  • At 9am tomorrow,  your taxi will be waiting outside.
We also use will be-ing to talk about complete actions in the future.
  • The company will be making a statement about the job cuts later today.
  • Will you be going away this winter?
  • Later in the show, I'll be interviewing Tom Cruise.
  • I have to work all weekend and I won't be coming out on Friday.


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