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A few,  a little, few, little


Little is used to speak of something which cannot be counted in numbers.We cannot count money by numbers.,sugar cannot be counted but the number of jars can be counted.
  • I have little money in my pocket.
  • Check out if a little sugar is left in the few jars over there.
  • I have little time left for my meeting.
  • The station is just a little distance from here.
  • I will give you a little tip at the end for your trouble.
  • It’s very little trouble.
  • I am a little worried.
  • I am in a little hurry right now.
  • It has a little chance of working.
  • It will take just a little time.


Few is used when we speak of something which can be counted in numbers.Here the number of friends can be counted.
  • I have few friends who live in London.
  • Very few people would take a taxi.
  • I will get you there in a few minutes.
  • Just a few hours back.
  • Few people worry about headaches.
  • There were a few surprises.
  • The medicine will take a few days to work in your case.
  • Let’s get a few tests done first.

Few or Little?

What is the difference between few and a few,a little and little? A simple answer is the object noun countable, because we use few for countable nouns and little for uncountable nouns.
  • I read a few pages. (page is countable)
  • I drank a little water. (water is uncountable)
  • We have a few lemons. (countable noun)
  • Would you like a little lemon juice? (uncountable noun)
Another thing to consider when using little and a little is whether the sentence is positive or negative.
  • I have a little money. ​(positive)

We use a little because I don't have zero money I have some money so we say 'I have a little money'.

  • I have little money. (negative)
In the negative we use little because I wish I had more money, I do not have a lot of money.
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